Fyre Festival and the Brand Promise failure


Fyre Festival and the Brand Promise failure

Just in case you haven’t heard, last Saturday, Fyre Festival turned into disaster.

In a nutshell, Fyre festival is glamorous-private jet chartered-celebrity endorsed-Michelin star food catered music festival was suppose to commence last week at Exuma, one of the Bahamas Islands.

However, that thing didn’t happen. Attendees arrived to the event with literally nothing in place. Shelter tents were scattered around instead of the promised private lounges and stray dogs instead of the glam Instagram models. Everybody was evacuated back to the U.S and the management had to issue a refund + an apology for all.


This is what the concierge desk looked on arrival

Below also a sketch of the interiors for what the private lounges were suppose to look like


and this is what the lounges look in reality

But what did actually go wrong?

Although the festival has generated a large amount of publicity, got everyone talking about it and had an amazing brand design put-together. Well, it is this kind of things that when you over promise and you under deliver and all this happens when your Brand Strategy is not quiet aligned with your Business Strategy‘.

The guys got a very decent brand design with all the collateral, and since this event was targeting high rollers Millennial, and as a one, you will have zero percentage to doubt that such a festival with this Credible looking brand design will eventually turns out a bogus and get everyone begging for a sip of water, why would it.

Imagine this happened at Coachella and the 125,000 attendees who showed up were asked to leave, and why? because the video and the stellar campaign you ran on Instagram was over promising the actual event and all the promises you have bragged about on your Facebook page had no one on the ground to fulfill them.

Hence, we firmly believe in order for your brand to reflect the actual service that you are offering, it is very important to address the actual capabilities right before you get your brand strategy going. You need to have a WYSIWYG ‘What you see is what you get’ and make sure it lives up to your audience expectations so you do not become another Fyre festival.

Please watch the video below and take look at the pitch deck they have, it looks so well put together, and i, if i had that much of money to spend on a trip to Bahamas, i might have bought a ticket too, not.

Fyre Festival Pitch Deck by NickBilton on Scribd



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